Bee or Charter Boles in St Andrews

A bee bole is a cavity or alcove in a wall. A skep is placed inside the bee bole.
They are often set into a south or west-facing wall to benefit from the warmth of the sun.

Charter boles are smaller cubical recesses indicating ownership (and repair responsibilities).
Boles on north and east-facing walls are almost certainly of this type.


19 Market Street
39 Market Street
85 Market Street
Cloisters West Wall
Abbey Street
Deans Court
St Salvator's North Wall

Behind Culross Court
93 Market Street
Guthrie Place
59 Argyle Street
Marine Place
61 Argyle Street
(backing onto 59)
61 Argyle Street (pend leading to)
Gibson House car park
13 South Street
Stanley Smith House
Stanley Smith House
Stanley Smith House Car Park
Stanley Smith House
St Mary's Garden
St Mary's Garden
9 North Street
33 North Castle Street
West Burn Lane in 2011
West Burn Lane in 2015
Alexandra Court
100 South Street
131 South Street
157 South Street
175 South Street
181 South Street 187 South Street
56 South Street
58 South Street
15 South Street
19 Lade Braes
Red Roofs, Queens Terrace 28 Argyle Street
3 Market Street (street)
(filled in)
3 Market Street (garden)
140 North Street
Preservation Trust Garden, 12 North Street
Preservation Trust Outhouse
Preservation Trust Washhouse
9 Queen's Gardens
10 Queen's Gardens


Abbey Court

Logies Lane
Cowpers Close, 166 South Street
Pend beside 195 South Street
rear of 100 North Street - north  rear of 100 North Street - central 
rear of 100 North Street - south
5 South Street 76a South Street
(filled in)
120 North Street

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